Increase Rate of Illiteracy in Ogbomosho

Have you at any point been in Ogbomosho Oyo state Nigeria? Did you see that 75% of the locals are ignorant? I’m writting right now from Ogbomosho North local Government Area. I have been in Ogbomosho for more than one and half years, so what ever I’m writting now is from my experience.

In Ogbomosho North local Government Area, the expansion Rate of lack of education is going high step by step, for what reason did I say as much?, To my very own view, you will scarcely observe an Ogbomosho indigen that realizes how to compose and peruse, even in my school at Ogbomosho, 90% Of indigens can’t talk right English due to the increment Rate of absence of education influencing the townspeople. Its most intriguing piece is that, the ones that are not unskilled will never accept or concur with you that absence of education is influencing their residents. Would you be able to envision that I pick an undertaking theme called “Increment Rate Of Illiteracy In Ogbomosho North Local Government Area Oyo State Nigeria”.

Furthermore, my venture boss is an indigen of Ogbomosho, quickly he saw the point, he began addressing me saying, Can you give genuine models that Ogbomosho indigens are Illiterate?.

What’s more, I addressed him saying, Sir as per my own perspectives, Ogbomosho indigens are Illiterate in light of the fact that over 75% of their kin can’t peruse or compose, they just communicate in and comprehend their language which is Yoruba, i told him again saying, sir You can’t contrast Ogbomosho and Ibadan which is the capital of Oyo state, so all things considered, I have chosen to put down my involvement in Ogbomosho in a highly contrasting material. He chuckled and dropped my theme, requesting that I change my point.

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