What will happen if you where caught in examination hall in Belcoed

Have you been wondering what will happen if you where caught cheating in the examination hall in best legacy college of education.

The in any way you where caught, the first thing they will ask you to do is to fill examination malpractice form, secondly, if the caught you with a cell phone, they will seize it and you have to bail it with the sum of 5,000 naira.

After that, the provost will serve you a letter of suspension asking you to come to the school with your parents, they will warn you not to be seen around the school environment.

After you have sort things out with your parents, you will have to pay a double school fees, assuming you are paying 40,000, you will pay extra 40,000 making it 80,000.

After you have paid the money, they will serve you another of continuity.

Remember that you will carry the course over, because they won’t submit your slips.

So if you have been wondering or thinking of cheating in Best legacy college of education ogbomosho oyo state Nigeria, I believed that with what you have read now you can’t cheat again.

What if you parents refuses to visit the school?

If your parents refuses to answer or follow you to the school, just have it on mind that, automatically you are no longer a student of the school.

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